GREAT NEWS!------THE JARS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!! February 2, 2021 09:40


Thank goodness no more bags!  The jars are back.  They are on their way.  They may cause a bit of a delay in your order because they are coming through very bad weather.  She said they should be here either Monday or Tuesday of next week.  The body butter supplies should be here by Friday.



I can make and ship your body butter in the pouches if you would prefer it to ship as soon as the supplies arrive this week.  However, it will be just a few days later and I can make and ship it for you in the jars.



I'm not sure how many of you are reading the blog.  I know it takes some getting used to because Etsy didn't have a blog.  So since this is so important I will be dropping you a quick little email note to check to see if you would prefer the quicker ship in the pouches, or the delayed shipping in the jars.  


The jars are back Woooooo Hoooooo!!!!!!!