Pre-Order is now available for the Body Butter! January 31, 2021 19:46

Hmmm this was not possible with Etsy!

Well they say everything happens for a reason, and I'm starting to see that that is very true.  One thing I love more than lemonade is organization.  With the COVID response restrictions, and these fragile supply lines, suppliers are very unpredictable with delivery times.  Which now makes it next to impossible for me to stick to shipping promises like I used to pre-COVID.  Also, I was able to accept an unlimited amount of orders because I (wait that didn't turn out so well now did it....but I digress) was always able to get more with no problem. Things have changed. However, Shopify makes things nice and neat and tidy with Pre-Order.  It's really cool, and I think you will love it too.  Here is how it will work.


Starting February 1st the pre-order period for the Body Butter will be a thirty day period. During the month of February it will be 28 days.  During that period thirty 8 oz jars , and forty 2 oz containers will be available for pre-order.  The maximum time that it will be shipped will be within the 28 day period.  However, the aim is for it to ship between 2/15-2/28.  But not later than the 28th.  I'll write it out so it looks better.

8 oz containers-30

2 oz containers-40

Once the maximum pre-order limits are reached for that period then it will roll over to the next month, and so on.  As the jars are purchased by customers the most recent availabilty will be posted. For example at this writing it's 25 available.  That way you will know exactly what will be available for that month.  Nice and neat. I hope.  You know what they say about plans, but that's the plan.  I think it's going to work.



Currently it's only the body butter that is required to be pre-ordered.  The rest of Skin Like Butter products have suppliers that are working normally.  Some of the fragrance suppliers are a little delayed, but nothing like the body butter.   I believe it's all due to the huge demand for hand sanitization.  The hand sansitizing is drying out your hands which creates a demand for hand moisturizers.  The high demand for hand sanitizers is also the cause of the world wide bottle shortage, which created the jar shortage.  Which is making numerous beauty care companies switch to spouted pouches.


Thank you in advance for your order :-)