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When Fragrance Notes meet Musical Notes September 12, 2021 20:05


Remember when songs didn't have video's.  Hard to imagine right?!  Well I thought it would be kind of cool to give scents a matching soundtrack.  Yup it's a bit of a risk. You might not like the music at all, or you might like a song or two.  Just click on "listen now" to indulge.  If you already have Apple Music you will get the full songs.  However, if you don't have Apple Music you will get a sampling of each song.  Hope you enjoy ;-).


When you picture the continent of Africa what comes to mind? Beautiful beaches? 5 Star luxury sea side resorts? Michelin starred chefs? Palm Trees, Mangos, and the most delicious organic Limes and Coconuts you've ever tasted in your life.  No?  The real Africa doesn't quite look like the pictures on the NGO charity websites.  So let's take a virtual trip to the REAL AFRICA and visit it's stunning beaches, resorts, and villa's.The best way to enjoy the trip is listening to the delicious Nigerian music (aka Afrobeats) and click on each city to view the beautiful beaches and resorts. 

Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, Nigeria, Cape Verde, Namibia, Cape Town, Cape Town 2, Cape Town 3, Mozambique, Zanzibar, Kenya, Madegascar, Seychelles, Seychelles 2, Seychelles 3Seychelles 4, Seychelles 5

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Fair warning. After these drool worthy pics you may want to book a flight. So you may also want to take a few travel size goodies with you as well ;-) . 

If you are eating a waffle cone chances are you are not eating ice cream. It's most likely Gelato, or Sorbet. Gelato shops are usually in cool trendy neighborhoods with boutiques, antiques, and drool worthy furniture showrooms, and more. Basically a bucket list stroll.  This playlist is a must listen in your earpods while you stroll and savor.

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I have to admit I do love where I live, but sometimes I really do miss that WEST LA VIBE. There is nothing like it.  It has a special kind of cool.  The glass, the gloss, the floss, the clean lines, the hard to get into restuarants that have poached spiced Anjou pear on the menu, and the pretentious (because you know those cars are rented) unapologetic snob appeal. If you can't get there in person this is the perfect playlist to get the vibe virtually. Listen Now 

Summer Fruits are worth the price of that hot sometimes got awful weather. Summer also has something else enjoyable. Those romantic first dates on a hot summer night. A walk along the beach, the riverbank, or on the lake are sometimes the beginning of something amazing. This playlist is the perfect summer romance soundtrack.    Listen Now



 Nothing says summer quite like the taste of a sweet juicy fruit. Well there is one more thing. That things is driving down your favorite coast in your favorite drop top. This is the perfect playlist for your summer drive.              Listen Now