The Amazing Body Butter Supplies May 9, 2021 09:59

Back to the original. This body butter supplier takes forever to ship, but it's well worth the wait. These are the ingredients that started it all but healing my dad's horrible diabetic skin.

For a brief period I switched to a supplier that shipped faster.  Well guess what? They are out of business now. That taught me something. Don't give up. Fight through it. This supplier has fought through many things including the deep Texas freeze and they keep going. 

I used to complain about their aweful customer service. You know what they proved in the end.  The best customer service is staying in business, and fighting through.  They are an inspiration.  Your body butter order may take a long time (I'm working on creating a back stock to prevent this but it still might happen), but the most important thing is that IT WILL COME.  And these days that's not something to take for granted with all of these shortages, and weak supply lines.

Currently the turn around times are back to the normal 3-5 working days.  However, the jars are now back ordered and can delay your order for a week.  The bottles are in stock, and the jars will be back in two weeks.