Little Lotion Pack

$ 20.00

These make great gifts. They are groups according to similarity. So if your gift recipient likes one fragrance, they are going to like the other fragrances. Here are the nine fragrance groups. You can also create your own group of your favorites. Just put the fragrances you'd like in the notes section of your order.

FRESH AND CLEAN: Cucumber Mint/Lemongrass Sage/White Tea/Cotton

COMFORT: Almond/Coconut/Vanilla/Oatmeal

CLEAN AND GREEN: Arugula/Avocado/Bamboo/Citrus Cilantro

HAWAIIAN: Gardenia/Pikake/Plumeria/Tuberose

FRUIT BASKET: Mango/Pomegranate/Raspberry Vanilla/Peach

LITTLE PETALS: Honeysuckle/Jasmine/Rose/Orange Blossom

DEEP AND SULTRY: Cedar/Orange Patchouli/Tobacco/Teak

CITRUS SLICES: Citrus/Grapefruit/Grapefruit Sorbet/Verbena

ALL NATURAL: Eucalyptus Mint/Lavender/Lemongrass/Unscented

HOLIDAY TREATS: Cinnamon/Ginger/Marshmallow/Pumpkin


Or you can pick from 100 fragrances of your choice. 

Processing time 1-3 business days

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