Fundraising Opportunity



Everyone loves to smell good, everyone uses lotion, and everyone has access to the Internet. That is why this is a great fundraising opportunity for you.  All you have to do is send people to .  That's it!  We, and technology will do the rest.  Every person who buys my lotion, or any other product we make you get 30% of the sale for your organization.  It's very easy. It works like this:
  • Open a PayPal account in your organizations name. This account will be attached to your organizations bank account.
  • You would need to use a member of your organizations email address if your organization doesn't have an email address.
  • You refer your family, friends, co-workers, church members etc to  They get 10% off using you coupon code YOURCHURCH for example.  This coupon code will let us know that these sales are from your organization, and you will get 30% of that sale.  As soon as the sale is completed you will get your commission immediately deposited into your organizations PayPal account.  You can then transfer the funds from your PayPal account into your bank account.
  • Here is an example of how it would work
    • You pick a 2 week time period that works best for you
    • Let's say there are 100 people in your organization, and you have full participation
    • Each member sends 1 person who makes a $25 purchase
    • Your organization will make $750 for your fundraiser.
    • I'm sure each person knows more than one person so you can do the math and see how this would be a great fundraiser for your organization.
    • After your 2 week period is over you will continue to get 5% of the repeat sales generated from any sale that uses your coupon code.
  • What makes it even better is that you can do this from your phone, tablet, or desktop. Just email, or text this link and we will do the rest.  This fundraiser will literally take 1 second of your time.

If you are new to Skin Like Butter I suggest you do two things. First thing, take a look at our reviews. Second thing, try the lotion yourself.  You can order our little $5 purse size.  Once you see, smell, and feel the lotion you will see why this is going to be a great fundraiser for your organization

You can get started right away.  Just fill out the form below, and we can send you the details to get started today.