From Etsy to Shopify

Skin Like Butter started in 2007 at my local farmers market in Long Beach, California.  The company was inspired by my fathers really dry, severely damaged diabetic skin. Up until June of 2020 Skin Like Butter was one of Etsy's top sellers. We started on Etsy in March of 2013.  By June of 2020 the Skin Like Butter Etsy store had over 21,000 sales and over 4,000 5 star reviews.  Here are just a few that we managed to save before the tragedy of 2020 struck our Etsy store

And there were 1,000's more.  We were chugging along in 2020 inspite of all of the challenges, and on June 3rd tragedy struck.  Our once beloved Etsy store that took 7 years to build was destroyed in one day.  A lady, who with good intentions (you know what they say about that road at such) without our knowledge or consent put our Etsy store on a list  of businesses to support during the unrest the summer of 2020.  Not only did we not know it was going to happen, we didn't need the support because we were already super busy. Had we been given a chance to say yes or no we would have said we weren't ready for the increase at that time.  Sadly we were not given that chance and we were hit with thousands of unexpected orders that despite our efforts were not able to fulfill in a reasonable time since everything is handmade fresh to order.  Consequently, Etsy shut down our store in November of 2020. We know she meant well, but we never ever wanted to leave Etsy.

Thank goodness we had our Shopify store here simultaneously so we have been here since Etsy closed our store.   So if you have found us here thank you so so much, and welcome to our Skin Like Butter store here on Shopify!


What makes Skin Like Butter special is

  • It's handmade fresh when you order

  • It's water free 

  • 95% natural, and 100% natural if you choose unscented, or scented with essential oils

  • Vegan

  • Cruelty free ~ no animal testing

  • No dyes

  • No mineral oil, parabens, or dimethicone

The other thing that makes it special is the way it makes your skin feel, and smell.  You get the best of both worlds. Body products that are healthy for your skin, and delicious fragrances to enjoy.