Handmade fresh Body Care in 120 delicious scents!

Want to smell amazing? Of course you do, and you've found the best place for your handmade smell goods. We specialize in single notes that smell authentic.  From fruits to florals, from pastries to spices and everything in between. Our Pineapple for example smells just like a sweet fresh slice right out of the fridge. 

Oh darn you can't smell it through the computer. Right. Well we've got you covered if you are a newbie. If you want to see if it really does smell deliciious, you can get 3 FREE  PERFUME SAMPLES for just 99 cents shipping so you can see what it smells like for sure before you dive right in. The best place to start is our FRAGRANCE PAGE to check out our 120 scents with descriptions. Find your fav or two.

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