Skin Like Butter Sister Site? YES! The rebuild of our Etsy Shop here on Shopify! July 3, 2022 02:51

Skin Like Butter has a Sister Site?

**recent edit.  Check out our cute little Christmas gifts only available on our larger sister site 

First before I talk about the sister site I want to thank all of the Skin Like Butter customers who found Skin Like Butter on Etsy for following us here and shopping on our Skin Like Butter Shopify store.  Thank you soooo much!!!!! Had that not happened the tragedy would have been the end of Skin Like Butter.

Full disclosure, although our products are still the same top quality as they were on Etsy, it has been a bit of a struggle to survive without being on Etsy. Etsy (who is still using all of our pictures from our former shop btw)  is like a big HUGE luxury liner on the internet ocean, and we had a lovely stateroom on that big ocean liner. here on Shopify, was like a teeny tiny lifeboat that we had in our stateroom just in case something happened to us on Etsy.  Thank goodness we had it because something DID happen to us.  You can read about it here

As you know lifeboats are life saving, but they are not life sustaining., which actually was in existence BEFORE our Etsy store, is not going anywhere.  However, this little Shopify theme was never intended to be permanent.  From the very beginning there were plans to build a much bigger luxurious theme on Shopify, but we got on Etsy before that happened and then 7 years, and thousands of customers later, we we weren't on Etsy. 

So in 2021, once the dust settled the new much larger luxurious Skin Like Butter shopping site was built.  You can view it here.  Of course you are welcomed to shop on either one. There are a few perks that are on the larger one that aren't available here on the smaller one mainly because of it's well it's larger.

  • There are collections so that you can shop by scent instead of the drop down menu.  For example the body butter section has all 150 body butters where you can shop each one by scent. View it here.

  • There is a TREASURE CHEST which is a collection of various products that are 40% off.  It changes every week. So no spoilers will be found anywhere.  Just check every Monday to see what's in the TREASURE CHEST, or before you place your order. This is a great way to stock up on your favs or discover a new fav. You can go treasure hunting here

  • You automatically earn rewards points for every order.  Then you can get discounts on your orders, and you can spend your rewards points as you see fit.  You can see how it works here.

  • A WISH LIST! In my humble opinion that is the absolute best part about the sister site. It's a dream wish list, but what makes it unique and amazing is that it's a universal wish list.  Meaning you can have 1 wish list for ALL of your favorite brands.  For example you can have Crate and Barrel, Nordstom, West Elm, Skin Like Butter, Target, Macy's, Bloomingdales, and more all on one wish list.  It's also sharable!

  • Free shipping on ALL US orders until Dec 31 2022.

As stated earlier you are welcomed to shop on either or both sites, and we will be happy to make your order for you.  After what happened with Etsy we want to make sure there are always two sites just in case.  So we hope having the two isn't too confusing for you.  Thank you so much in advance for your orders, and being wonderful Skin Like Butter customers.