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Happy to Help :-)

Thank you for reaching out and I will do everything in my power to inform, solve your problem, or answer a question as soon as I can.  However, in order to do that there is one little thing I need you to do.  Just one thing. Please, Please, Please send a CHAT!!!, and not email.  Sorry didn't mean to shout, but it's that important. Please go here to the front of the page of the store, and in your lower right hand corner is a little circle. Just click on it and the chat will open up. It's very robust. You can send pictures, make it as long as you want, and I will get it right away. Please, please, please DO NOT SENT EMAIL(sorry don't mean to shout but it's important that no messages are missed).  First, and most importantly I don't see the emails fast enough. I'm a one woman show and the chat is serves as my secretary.  As soon as you send the chat it alerts me instantly, and I will respond instantly.  The email that you will send my not be seen by me for days, and it may seem as though I'm ignoring you, but I'm not.  For more information on the Skin Like Butter customer service communication system I will be writing a blog article really soon.  In the mean time I can tell you directly (you guessed it lol) in a chat.

Thank you so much for your corporation and understanding, and I look forward to chatting with you really soon.


The absolute best way to reach us is through our chat on the front page of the store.  If you have questions about your order or our products before placing an order the fastest way, and most effective we can respond to you is from our chat.  Just go to the front page of the store and you will see the chat box. Leave a message there and you will get a response almost immediately and if not that soon within a few minutes.

Thanks so much