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In most cases a picture is worth a thousand words. However, in our case a picture is radio silence. You can't smell a picture right?  Right!!  That's why we give you THREE FREE SAMPLES to try just for visiting our store. No purchase necessary. Just a little help on the shipping 99 cents, and that's it.  That way you can know for sure how good it smells before you buy. Please list your scent requests in the notes, or you can say surprise me!


Scent Descriptions

Unscented- Great for babies, and sensitive skin.  Completely unscented.

Almond- Smells exactly like the delicious comforting scent of Almond Extract

Amber- Deep and Sultry Amber notes with a pinch of Vanilla for a smooth finish

Amber Lavender - The perfect blend of deep notes of Amber with  calming Lavender with a pinch of Vanilla. Excellent for ment and women.

Amber Patchouli- Inspired by L'Occitane's deep sultry Amber Patchouli. Very deep notes of Amber, Patchouli and a pinch of Vanilla. Very subtle and rich.

Apple- The mouth watering aroma of a crisp green Granny Smith apple

Baby's Breath-  A whisper.  What it lacks in volume it delivers in mystery. Slighly floral with a dusting of musk, but with a slightly sweet finish.

Bamboo- A green fresh scent with a pinch of floral 

Banana - sweet like banana taffy candy.

Banana Brulee - is a delectable menagerie of bananas, cinnamon, and brown sugar with just a touch of brandy. Yum

Banana Walnut Cake -Yuuummmy! It's all in there. Sweet banana baking extract, vanilla extract, roasted nut, and fresh roasted bakery nuts. All of the yum without the calories.

Basil Bliss- Actually more bliss than Basil.  The basil is there, but in the back of a symphany green, citrus, and white floral notes that make for an elegant spa blend. If you are looking for a straight basil scent you won't like this, but if you are looking for a clean elegant head turner this is spot on.

Bergamot- Bergamot essential oil. Crisp clean citrus scent.

Birch - a very clean light wood that is true to it's name. You can listen to BIRCH TRAIL here

Black Cherry- Mouth watering blend of sweet and tart. You can listen to the playlist BLACK CHERRY here

Black Currant Cassis- a perfect blend of mouth watering berries and light floral

Black Curant Rose- Fresh authentic rose with sweet berries

Black Orchid - An exact dupe of Tom Fords Black Orchid.  Deep, Sultry and Slighty sweet. Not exactly floral, but definately sensual.

Black Pepper - this is a sophisticated fragrance that is great for both men and women.

Cactus Blossom- this is a very clean green floral. Very herbaceous and upscale.  Doesn't smell like the BBW version.  This is not a dupe, but a Skin Like Butter interpretation of clean and beautiful cactus bloom here in the southwest instead.

Cannibus Blossom- This fragrance will not get you arrested if you get pulled over for a speeding ticket I promise. Instead is it a beautiful unusual floral.

Caramel Apple- Smells exactly like a crisp tart Granny Smith apple with a thick layer of sweet caramel on top

Cedar- smells like a cedar closet. Great for men

Champagne and Peony- a fruity floral blend inspired by the best selling BBW scent A Thousand wishes

Chamomile - This is a beautiful fragrance that is very relaxing, and herbaceous.

Chocolate Mint- smells exactly like the delicious candies in the green foil wrapper

Cedar- Smells exactly like rich cedar wood with a pinch of vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon

Cherry Almond- A blend of tart Cherry with smooth sweet Almond

Cinnamon- Smells like the aromatic cinnamon pine cones in the grocery store during the holidays. A very comforting scent. Christmas in a bottle

Citrus- bright, and stimulating blend of predominately orange, with lemon and grapefruit

Citrus Cilantro- a fresh scent that is great for the kitchen

Coconut- A very authentic clean coconut. Not too sweet, but smells like a day at the beach

Cotton- A clean neutral. No floral smell, just a clear fragrance that is great for men and women

Coriander- A slightly floral, green, scent with a hint of pepper. A unisex scent that leans towards masculine

Creme Brulee- smells amazingly like the real dessert. Very Yummy

Cucumber Mint- A perfect blend of cool cucumber, and peppermint. Excellent to wear at work

Cucumber Wasabi- A unique clean upscale blend of fresh cucumber and sharp wasabi.

Dark Chocolate- delicious, rich, fragrance that is an exact duplication of a dark chocolate truffle. You can listen to the playlist DARK CHOCOLATE KISS here.

Egyptian Cotton- think Egyptian musk but with the elegance of Dubai 

Eucalyptus Mint- a stimulating blend of Eucalyptus and Spearmint - essential oils. This is great for relieving pain.

Espresso- a deep dark Italian roast with sugar.  You can listen to the playlist I'LL TAKE MINE BLACK here

Exotic Coconut- soft slight sweet musky fragrance with a hint of Coconut

Figue- this is fig if it were served at the French Laundry. Honestly words really can't explain the beauty, simplicity, and clarity of this scent.  This is something you really must experience. If there is one word it would be sublime.

Freesia- a classic feminine floral that is slightly sweet.  Very delicate and captivating. 

Fresh Cut Grass- smells exactly like the bag of fresh cut grass in spring

Gardenia- this gardenia smells exactly like the flower

Ginger- the comforting scent of ginger with a bit of milk, cardamom, nutmeg, and a little sugar.

Ginger Ale- this is surprisingly elegant and crisp with a pinch of fun. This smells exactly like REAL Ginger Ale Soda.  Not Canada Dry, but the real Ginger infused soft drink that's hard to find but delicious.

Grapefruit - the delicious mouth watering fragrance of pink grapefruit

Grapefruit Ginger- refreshing citrus notes of Grapefruit with the deeper notes of Ginger the create a very unique scent 

Grapefruit Sorbet- smells just like the refreshing tart sweet treat at your favorite gelato shop

Grapefruit and Thyme- the perfect spring scent of citrus, herbs, a pinch of peach, and a hint of floral notes

Green Tea- a beautiful neutral fragrance that while elegant, also has the relaxing feeling of the spa 

Guava- mouth watering tropical fruity fragrance

Hibiscus- Rich tropical floral 

Honey- smells just like fine floral honey

Honeysuckle- smells exactly like a honeysuckle bush in spring

Honeysuckle Tuberose- a beautiful blend of sweet honeysuckle and tropical tuberose. This packs a punch and a little goes a long way. Super romantic and girly. Think sundress.

Honeywood- a delicious comforting blend of mahagony dipped in sweet honey

Jasmine- has the aroma of jasmine blooming in the evening

Lavender one of the best french lavender essential oils you've ever smelled. Relaxing, and of therapeutic grade for aroma therapy

Lavender Lemon a deliciuos blend of herb, tart, and sweet just like the refreshing drink 

Lavender Vanilla- the perfect blend of equal parts lavender and vanilla to create comfort and relaxation

Lemon Cupcake- A sweet delicious blend of lemon, sugar, and cake..yum 

Lemon Verbena- A crisp lemon scent with a light herbal note

Lemongrass- bright and cheery essential oil

Lemongrass GingerSpa fragrance of ginger essential oil and lemongrass

Lemongrass Sage- the refreshing scent of lemongrass is muted with a touch of sage

Lilac- smells exactly like lilac in the summer

Lime Coconut- A fresh clean blend of lime juice and coconut. You can listen to THE LIME AND DE COCONUT playlist here.

Lychee- smells just like this refreshing Chinese fruit

Mango- smells just like the nectar  of a juicy Mango

Marshmallow- sweet, but not too sweet. Smells like marshmallows in a bag before they are cooked. You can listen to the Marsh~Mellow playlist here.

Milk- slightly sweet, and very comforting. Think sweetened warm cup

Nag champa- an aromatic blend of florals, spices, and woods.

Nectarine Blossom- a beautiful light floral inspired by Jo Malone

Noel- Christmas in a bottle. Cranberry, orange, a pinch of Pine, spices of clove, and nutmeg, and even a pinch of cedar and amber to give it depth.  A must have Room Spray for home, and body spray for the Christmas Party

Oatmeal- the comforting smell of a bowl of oatmeal with all of the fixings of milk, honey, sugar, and a touch of almond extract.

Ocean- Clean and fresh like an ocean breeze

Orange Blossom- a striking elegant fragrance of mandarin and white flowers. Smells exactly like orange blossoms in spring

Orange Patchouli- strangely enough it smells neither like Patchouli or Orange when blended together.  However, it is a rich, deep, sultry fragrance that is sure to intrigue

Orange Vanilla- refreshing orange with a sweet pinch of vanilla cream

Passion Fruit- sweet and slightly tart fruit fragrance

Patchouli- get in touch with your inner hippie with this pure Patchouli essential oil.  We have been told that ours is the absolute best.

Pear- smells just like the vintage Pear fragrance from that famous store in the mall

Peach- Smells just like a fresh Georgia Peach

Peppermint- a great pick me up. This is the peppermint essential oil

Pikake- a beautiful exotic Hawaiian jasmine

Pina Colada- delicious blend of pineapple and coconut

Pineapple - if you grab a pineapple and smell it that's exactly what our Pineapple fragrance smells like.  It will literally make your mouth water

Pink Amber- the beauty of this scent is truly hard to put into words and this description will be like trying to hear sheet music.  Reading sheet music and hearing the symphony are vastly two different experiences.  So with that imagine finding an ancient jewelled goblet in a castle ruin. Once you open it you smell berries, amber, a pinch of sandalwood, and a smaller pinch of vanilla. There other notes are of times gone by that only centuries of fermentation can create. Not in a bad way of age, but in a way of very expensive vintage wine that only time can create. Pink Amber sounds and beautiful as it smells. You can listen here AMBRE IN PINK

Plumeria- smells just like the beautiful tropical bloom

Potting Soil - smells like fresh and clean healthy nutrient rich soil

Pumpkin- a very wearable Pumpkin. Smells like pumpkin pie before it's baked. It's packed with the cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar.  It's popular all year round

Rain- light and fresh. Slightly sweet

Raspberry Vanilla- Sweet, yummy, and addicting

Red Currant- tart and refreshing.  If you love Votivo Red Currant candles you will love this fragrance

Rose- a clean, clear authentic modern rose.  This is a rose scent that is hard to find.  If you are looking for a true fresh rose you have found it here.

Salted Caramel -  delicious caramel with just a pinch of salt

Sandalwood- deep and sultry.  Perfect for men and women

Sea salt- a unisex blend of crisp ozone notes with hints of ocean

Smoking Jacket- a smooth blend of Tobacco, Amber, Honey and a pinch of citrus. If the song Smooth Operator could be a scent I think this would definately be it.

Sweet baby- smells like the sweetest baby after a bath and baby powder

Sweet Pea -  beautiful delicate floral

Suede- a favorite for men. Having known a man who didn't love it

Sugar- sweet, sophisticated, and sexy. A little touch of musk makes this over the top good.

Tobacco- smells not like a cigarette, but like the sweet leaves of tobacco aging in the sun.  Just a touch of vanilla to sweeten the deal

Tool Belt- a sexy masculine blend of steel, leather, amber and musk

Tuberose- smells exactly like to heady tropical flower

Turkish Mocha- espresso with deep dark chocolate and whipped cream

Vanilla- a rich vanilla. It's true to the smell of vanilla extract

Vanilla Noir- Sweet, sexy, and mysterious.  Perfect for date night

Volcano-  A beautiful marriage of light clean florals and citrus notes.  If you have ever been in Anthropologie you have smelled this delicious scent. They burn the candle called Volcano as their signature brand scent all the time.  Now you can wear it.

Waffle Cone- sweet toasted sugery goodness

Watercress- very clean and green

Watermelon- smells like the sweet jolly rancher watermelon candy

White Tea- an elegant, crisp almost linen like fragrance.