100 Fragrances to Choose From

  Fragrance Descriptions


Unscented- Completely unscented. Great for babies, and sensitive skin


Acai Berry- A sweet, and tart fragrance. A tropical berry scent


Almond- Smells exactly like the delicious comforting scent of Almond Extract


Amber- Deep and Sultry with a touch of Vanilla


Apple- The mouth watering aroma of a crisp green Granny Smith apple


Arugula- Crisp, green, and fresh. Not like a salad, just clean and refreshing


Avocado- A clean green fragrance with a hint of lemon


Bamboo- A green floral scent


Banana Brulee- is a delectable menagerie of bananas, cinnamon, and brown sugar with just a touch of brandy. Yum


Basil - this fragrance is your best friend in the kitchen. It doesn't smell like pesto, it smell like the fresh leaves of the beautiful herb, with just a little lemon to make it fresh and clean.


Bergamot- The citrus essential oil


Black Pepper - this is a sophisticated fragrance that is great for both men and women.


Cannibus Blossom- This fragrance will not get you arrested if you get pulled over for a speeding ticket I promise. Instead is it a beautiful unusual floral.


Cantaloupe - this smells just like a fresh slice of the real thing.


Chamomile This is a beautiful fragrance that is very relaxing, and herbaceous.


Cedar- Smells exactly like rich cedar wood with a pinch of vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon


Chocolate Rose- a perfect unusual blend of dark chocolate and true rose.  A very unique and feminine scent


Cinnamon- Smells like the aromatic cinnamon pine cones in the grocery store during the holidays. A very comforting scent. Christmas in a bottle


Citrus- bright, and stimulating blend of predominately orange, with lemon and grapefruit


Citrus Cilantro- a fresh scent that is great for the kitchen


Coconut- A very authentic clean coconut. Not too sweet, but smells like a day at the beach


Cotton- A clean neutral. No floral smell, just a clear fragrance that is great for men and women


Coriander- A slightly floral, green, scent with a hint of pepper. A unisex scent that leans towards masculine


Creme Brulee- smells amazingly like the real dessert. Very Yummy


Cucumber Mint- A perfect blend of cool cucumber, and peppermint. Excellent to wear at work


Cucumber Wasabi- Fresh, clean and crisp. You can really smell both


Dark Chocolate- delicious, rich, fragrance that is an exact duplication of a dark chocolate truffle


Eucalyptus Mint- a stimulating blend of Eucalyptus and Spearmint essential oils. This is great for relieving pain.


Exotic Coconut- soft slight sweet musky fragrance with a hint of Coconut


Fig- A very subtle refreshing scent. Slightly sweet


Freesia- a classic feminine floral that is slightly sweet.  Very delicate and captivating. 


Gardenia- this gardenia smells exactly like the flower


Ginger- the comforting scent of ginger with a bit of milk, cardamom, nutmeg, and a little sugar.


Grapefruit- the delicious mouth watering fragrance of pink grapefruit


Grapefruit Sorbet- smells just like the refreshing tart sweet treat at your favorite gelato shop


Green Tea- a beautiful neutral fragrance that while elegant, also has the relaxing feeling of the spa 


Guava- mouth watering tropical fruity fragrance


Hibiscus- Rich tropical floral 


Honey- smells just like fine floral honey


Honeysuckle- smells exactly like a honeysuckle bush in spring


Jamba- a blend or citrus and berry smoothie


Jasmine- has the aroma of jasmine blooming in the evening


Kiwi- sweet green fragrance


Lavender- one of the best french lavender essential oils you've ever smelled. Relaxing, and of therapeutic grade for aroma therapy


Lavender Vanilla- the perfect blend of equal parts lavender and vanilla to create comfort and relaxation


Lemon Cupcake- A sweet delicious blend of lemon, sugar, and cake..yum 


Lemon Verbena- A crisp lemon scent with a light herbal note


Lemongrass- bright and cheery essential oil


Lemongrass Ginger- Spa fragrance of ginger essential oil and lemongrass


Lemongrass Sage- the refreshing scent of lemongrass is muted with a touch of sage


Lilac- smells exactly like lilac in the summer


Lily- a beautiful elegant fragrance. Think vintage Grace Kelly


Lime Coconut- A fresh clean blend of lime juice and coconut


Lime Sorbet- refreshing mouth watering blend of lime and sugar


Lychee- smells just like this refreshing Chinese fruit


Mango- smells just like the nectar  of a juicy Mango


Marshmallow- sweet, but not too sweet. Smells like marshmallows in a bag before they are cooked.


Milk- slightly sweet, and very comforting. Think sweetened warm cup


Nectarine Blossom- a beautiful light floral inspired by Jo Malone


Oatmeal- the comforting smell of a bowl of oatmeal with all of the fixings of milk, honey, sugar, and a touch of almond extract.


Ocean- Clean and fresh like an ocean breeze


Olive- absolutely stunning fragrance think green olive,lemon,with vanilla


Olive Blossom- a rich heady tropical fragrance. Think Tuberose, but a little green.


Orange Blossom- a striking elegant fragrance of mandarin and white flowers. Smells exactly like orange blossoms in spring


Orange Patchouli- strangely enough it smells neither like Patchouli or Orange when blended together.  However, it is a rich, deep, sultry fragrance that is sure to intrigue


Orange Vanilla- refreshing orange with a sweet pinch of vanilla cream


Orchid- a tropical fragrance that is also a little like Tuberose but is not quite as sweet


Passion Fruit- sweet and slightly tart fruit fragrance


Patchouli- get in touch with your inner hippie with this pure Patchouli essential oil.  We have been told that ours is the absolute best.


Pear- smells just like the vintage Pear fragrance from that famous store in the mall


Peach- Smells just like a fresh Georgia Peach


Peony- a beautiful light floral


Peppermint- a great pick me up. This is the peppermint essential oil

Pikake- a beautiful exotic Hawaiian jasmine

Pina Colada- delicious blend of pineapple and coconut

Pineapple- if you grape a pineapple and smell it that's what my Pineapple fragrance smells like.  It will literally make your mouth water


Plumeria- smells just like the beautiful tropical bloom


Pomegranate- a sweet, and slightly tart fragrance.  A very fresh and sophisticated fruit aroma.


Pumpkin- a very wearable Pumpkin. Smells like pumpkin pie before it's baked. It's packed with the cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar.  It's popular all year round


Rain- light and fresh. Slightly sweet


Raspberry Vanilla- Sweet, yummy, and addicting


Red Currant- tart and refreshing.  If you love Votivo Red Currant candles you will love this fragrance


Rose- a clean, clear authentic modern rose.  This is a rose scent that is hard to find.  If you are looking for a true fresh rose you have found it here.


Salted Caramel- delicious caramel with just a pinch of salt


Sandalwood- deep and sultry.  Perfect for men and women


Sweet Pea- beautiful delicate floral


Suede- a favorite for men. Having known a man who didn't love it


Sugar- sweet, sophisticated, and sexy. A little touch of musk makes this over the top good.


Teak- dark, rich, and mysterious just like the wood


Tobacco- smells not like a cigarette, but like the sweet leaves of tobacco aging in the sun.  Just a touch of vanilla to sweeten the deal


Tomato- fresh green fragrance smells like the tomato and leaf


Tuberose- smells exactly like to heady tropical flower


Vanilla- a rich vanilla. It's true to the smell of vanilla extract


Verbena- if you have ever smelled lemon verbena this smells exactly like those little green leaves. Very lemon and very refreshing


Watercress- very clean and green


Watermelon- smells like the sweet jolly rancher watermelon candy


White Tea- an elegant, crisp almost linen like fragrance.