Save 30% Off Selected Items in the SUMMER TREASURE CHEST

If you have read the latest blog entry you will see that this site, has a sister site  Also, if you've read the about us section of this site you would see that Skin Like Butter used to have an Etsy shop. And you would also see why we feel the need to have a sister site. At times these two sites will be linked to each other to offer you either better customer service, shopping options, or both.  This is one of those times.  Certainly wouldn't want you to miss out on the TREASURE CHEST.


What will you find in the Treasure Chest? Hmmmm lot's of goodies. Every seasonn 30 various scents of body butter, roll on perfume, and room spray are carefully tossed into the Treasure Chest for you to grab for 30% off.  It's a great way to stock up on your favs, try new scents, and sock away holiday gifts.  Click on the photo to open  THE SUMMER TREASURE CHEST.