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SAVVY SHOPPING GUIDE May 2, 2021 08:27



Thanks for shopping with Skin Like Butter.  Here are a few tips and tricks to save money and make shoping easier


How to save 10% on every order

We work hard to create and produce an excellent product that you will love.  However we know that there are a lot of choices out there and we really appreciate it when you choose Skin Like Butter a second time. If you are a returning customer and don't know the returning customer discount code send us a chat and we will give it to you.


How to save 15% on every order

There are two ways you can save 15% on every order.  

  • The website is set up to automatically give you a 15% discount AND free shipping when you spend $50 or more.

  • Give us a shout out with a picture!  We love reviews and appreciate it when you let us know you love your order.  It help customers too. To show our appreciation we will give you 15% off on your next order after your review.



How to save 20% on your fav

Our most popular section on Etsy was the Best Seller section.  Check here first to see if your fav made the cut.



How to save 25% on your birthday

We want to help celebrate your birthday.  You can fill our the birthday form on your thank you page at check out and get a birthday e-card and a 25% off discount code that will never expire.  It's a one time use code, but you can chose when you will use it.  Happy Birthday :-)


Save even more with the group deals

You save $5 or more with every group deal.  However, if you shop with group deals AND you use the savings tips above you save even more.



Large Purchases or event---Pay in 4 easy payments

We are happy to say that our Shopify store has now qualified to offer payment installments for your purchases.  No Interest, and No Fee's. Just 4 payments every two weeks deducted from your card of your choosinng.