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Hello! Hello! Hello! And welcome to our new home here on Shopify.   If you're new I just want to let you know we have been around for quite a spell. However, for years we were one of the top shops on Etsy. Then June 3, 2020 changed all of that.  You can get the deets to the story here.  But don't go there just yet. Trust me it's a long sad story, and it's much for fun to take the tour of our new digs here on Shopify.  So let's get started.


First thing'ts first---Sample, Sample Sample.

Well you can't smell through the computer just yet.  I know they are working on it somewhere, but for today we've got samples.  Honestly I work really heard to source drool worthy, head turning, OMG yummy scents so you will really be pleasantly surprised even if you don't sample.  However, whether you are a NEWBIE or a Skin Like Butter officionado it's still great to sample.  It's a great way to discover a new fav or three.

Free Samples

I do try to make sure that all orders over $10 do ship with 3 free samples.  However, sometimes it's hit or miss depending on if there are a ton of orders.  If you want to make sure you get your free samples you can go here and add this listing to the shopping cart.  It will add 99cents to the shipping, but if you send me a quick chat before your order I can take care of the 99 cents for you.  The only time the 99 cents actually stays is if you are ONLY ordering the three free samples.  It just helps out with the shipping.

Another way to get free samples is when you order $50 or more.

You will be upgraded to 5 free samples.  Just put your scent choices in the notes and they will be addded to your order automatically.  No listing needed.

You can go here for more sample options.



Tell a friend

Thank you so much for spreading the love!  Finally figured out a simple and quite a bit more rewarding way to so appreciation.  It's so easy.  It works like this. You will get a unique coupon code to share with a friend. When they use it they will get $5 off any order of over $25 or more.  Then as a thank you you will will also get a coupon code for the same amount.

Here is how it works.  After your first, or next repeat order you will be given a unique page and coupon code that includes your name like this that you can share with your friends. It's that simple.

Now oddly enough this was what happened without my knowledge June 3, 2020. Of course that tsunami had nothing to do with customer enthusiam, but more about civil unrest.   Although, this time I welcome the customer enthusiam, I do want to protect us from getting overwhelmed again. To that 5 coupon codes will be given to each customer to share, and I think you once again for sharing Skin Like Butter with your friends and family.



How to save 10% on every order

We work hard to create and produce an excellent product that you will love.  However we know that there are a lot of choices out there and we really appreciate it when you choose Skin Like Butter a second time. If you are a returning customer and don't know the returning customer discount code send us a chat and we will give it to you.


How to save 15% on every order

There are two ways you can save 15% on every order.  

  • The website is set up to automatically give you a 15% discount AND free shipping when you spend $50 or more.

  • Give us a shout out with a picture!  We love reviews and appreciate it when you let us know you love your order.  It help customers too. To show our appreciation we will give you 15% off on your next order after your review.



How to save 20% on your fav

Our most popular section on Etsy was the Best Seller section.  Check here first to see if your fav made the cut.



How to save 25% on your birthday

We want to help celebrate your birthday.  You can fill our the birthday form on your thank you page at check out and get a birthday e-card and a 25% off discount code that will never expire.  It's a one time use code, but you can chose when you will use it.  Happy Birthday :-)


Save even more with the group deals

You save $5 or more with every group deal.  However, if you shop with group deals AND you use the savings tips above you save even more.



Large Purchases or event---Pay in 4 easy payments

We are happy to say that our Shopify store has now qualified to offer payment installments for your purchases.  No Interest, and No Fee's. Just 4 payments every two weeks deducted from your card of your choosinng.




Our handmade bath and body make great gifts. However, giving the gift of scent is a bit tricky.  So first things first we we have gift giving scents that are either nuetral, or so popular that you will know for sure that your recipient will love it.  Here is the list of our best gift giving scents

Black Orchid - exact Tom Ford Dupe and great for men and women

Black Pepper- this is great for men and is great for a soap and lotion gift.

Citrus- Smells exactly like those delicious CUTIES in the grocery store

Citrus Cilantro- This is a clean, citrus, herbaceous blend that is unisex

Cotton- fresh clean linen notes. Unisex

Figue- Dupe of the uber popular Figue from 

Ginger- Perfect warm winter scent

Grapefruit and Thyme- A beautiful blend of sweet grapefruit cradled in herbs

Honeywood- deeper scents are sometimes a risk for a gift.  However Honeywood is a rich sweet comforting blend of honey, vanilla, and light wood notes.

Lavender- Our lavender is a lavender lovers lavender. It's a very high quality French lavender that is of theraputic grade.

Lemon Verbena- Smells exactly like the fresh clean Lemon Verbena herb

Milk- A warm clean comforting scent. Slightly sweet with no vanilla notes.

Orange Blossom- a floral that is gift friendly. Smells exactly like an orange grove in bloom.

Peppermint- Christmas is the season to give anything with a peppermint scent

Pink Amber- This scent is absolutely stunning. It's a blend of fruits, florals, and deep amber notes.  Very unique and has an old world regal feel to it.

Sea Salt- This is another unique very clean upscale  unisex scent. 

Turkish Mocha- this is great for a coffee lover and/or a chocolate lover. It's still wearable but an enjoyable treat that he or she would never find in the mall.

Vanilla Noir- an intoxicating vanilla and is sweet and rich and exotic. If I had to pick I would say this scent would be a number 1 pick for a gift.

Volcano- A dupe of that super popular candle from Anthropologie.  If you've ever been in the store your have taken a whif of this scent. A perfect blend of fruits and florals.

Watercress- a very clean fresh and slightly floral scent


Will it get there in time?

Well much like 2020, 2021 also has logistic and supply line issues.  The deadline for guaranteed Christmas gifts was November 17th.  However, I am on a restock of supplies most of which has arrived, or will arrive by December 1st.  What is a nailbiter is the restock of the body butter supplies, which is our most popular item.  Even before the times we are living in the body butter supplies supplier was extremely slow.  Now even slower.  The order that is in is scheduled to ship on December 10th which will be plently of time for your gift to be made and shipped to make it by Christmas.  However, this year there have been delays with FEDEX, and well as overdue shipping dates for the supplier.  So any gift with Body Butter in the set may not arrive in time.  It may be a little after Christmas.  However here are some for sure safe bets


Mini Travel Set

Roll on Set

Body Spray and Oil Gift Box