Candle or Room Spray April 5, 2021 20:24

Candle or Room Spray?

The scent of your home is such an important part of the decor and ambience. Well sometimes a little bit more than the decor when pets are involved --yikes!  In my case it was my culinary endeavors.  My new place is a small loft with no walls.  So although my dishes were tasty I really didn't want my home to smell like lemon garlic pasta, tacos, and tuna salad. Yeah no bueno. You can just imagine what would hit you when you walked in.  So thought for sure I had the answer with this awesome smelling candle I picked up at a cute New Mexican boutique I discovered on my many meandarings here in Abq.  Well not so fast...

Oh I couldn't wait to light her up and enjoy that beautiful scent I enjoyed in the shop....."60 minutes later(in spongebobs voice).." bubkus, nada, nothing. (insert the Price is Right's loser horn)  My home aroma (not odor it wasn't that bad) laughed at that poor candle. The owner was so sweet I didn't return it, but I had to get the scent ambiance I was after.  That clean, upscale white slipcovered sofa with bleached hardwood floors scent. Okay I don't have any of that, but yeah that.  So you may be wondering why I went for a candle instead of reaching for a Skin Like Butter room spray. Well first thing I love burning candles. In fact I used to make candles, and my candles would pack a punch.  Also, since the inventory is so low I didn't want to use the inventory for me just yet.  But I had to go for it and grabbed the Red Currant and made Red Currant Room and Body Spray and wow! Instant heaven.  It smelled so good. It cut through everything, and all you smelled was that clean crisp Red Currant.  Then just to be sure I went out on the balcony and took a deep sniff of that mile high ABQ air (don't recommend) and went back inside and yup still there.  Not a trace of garlic, or basil, or heaven forbid tuna. 

Conclusion, a good room spray or a good candle should be able to isolate ordors. Fabreeze doesn't have a monopoly on that.  Also, if you're not a fan of their scents and you want the right scent then Fabreeze isn't the answer. The trick is buy the candle you smell burning.  If you've ever gone in Anthropologie they are known (or at least they used to) burn this candle called Volcano. OMG it would fill the whole store.  Anthropolie is huge, and that one big jar candle would make that store smell so good.  That is the only way you will know for sure. Well kind of. Any room and body spray from Skin Like Butter is a sure bet and if you live in a large city there are tons of high end candle options available. In a small city or town it's surprising how few the options there are for candles.  Of course there are always a myriad of choices online.  However, in my humble opionion if you have a forest of aromas/odors you'd like to clear I would go with the room spray.